How to Draw the Face Easily

Here are some guidelines that I use to draw faces. I didn’t come up with all of these rules, it’s just the ones I use when I draw.

Following these simple rules you can easily draw a female or a male face. The one I drew below is an androgynous one that you can easily edit to be either male or female.

Step 1: Draw a circle and a cross

Divide the circle in half vertically and horizontally. For the vertical line, extend it by another half of the circle so that you have three equal sections from top to bottom.

Step 2: Find the facial lines

The top of the vertical line is the Hair Line. The middle of the circle is the Brow Line. The bottom of the circle is the Nose Line. The bottom of the vertical line is the Chin Line.

The Hair Line is where hair begins to grow. Note that actual hair might go below and lot higher than this line.

The Brow Line is where the eyebrows go.

The Nose Line marks the bottom of the nose.

The Chin Line marks the bottom of the chin.

Step 3: Position the eyes

The center point of the eyes is positioned about a third of the way down between the Brow Line and the Nose Line.

The width between the eyes the same width as a single eye.

The ears go between the Brow Line and the Nose Line.

Step 4: Position the mouth


With the eyes figured out, you can now position the mouth. The corners of the mouth line up with the center points of the eyes.

Vertically, the mouth is positioned about 1/3 to halfway between the Nose Line and the Chin Line depending on how you want to draw your character.

Step 5: Position the nose

The width of the nose is about the width of a single eye, and often a little smaller.

I personally find that the bottom curve of the nose from the nostrils starts about two eye heights below the eye. The eye height includes the eyelids. (This is especially useful to know when drawing a face from the side, but I’ll cover that in another post.)

Step 6: Curve the jaw

For a face directly facing me, I tend to curve the jaw around the same position as the corners of the mouth and the outer edge of the eyes. For children the jaw curve goes below the corner of the mouth. For men, the jaw curve will be wider than the outer edges of the eyes.


And that’s it! Again, please note that this is just my take on some very common guidelines! Your characters and drawings will and should vary widely from these proportions.


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