CAPS – Chapter 2: Wiped Clean

An Update on Constellation

Thank you to everyone in our community for being the passionate fans that you are. It has been brought to our attention that many Constellation players have lost their in-game account data after the server shutdown. Below is a final update on this issue.

Our diagnostics team has been hard at work since receiving user reports of the data loss last Monday. The data loss was caused by a feral bug that inadvertently targeted and deleted player data from Constellation’s social servers. Our team has determined that the cause of the bug was due to multiple compounding factors.

Under normal procedures, server shutdowns are planned months in advance and go through a secure procedure under the supervision of our most advanced AI cores to ensure player data is safely and securely maintained on the user’s ColoID accounts. Months earlier, Colossus came to the decision to shutdown Constellation’s servers because its user base had dwindled to less than 0.2% of its peak of 30 million active players over six years ago. However, due to the petition signed by Constellation players, the scheduled shutdown was, at the very last moment, put on hold for several weeks.

After listening and speaking with the players, Colossus and Constellation’s community came to an amicable agreement to determine Constellation’s future. Following the gamer community’s traditional dispute resolution method, Colossus and Constellation’s players agreed to a friendly in-game duel.

Under the terms of the agreement, if the player representative won the duel, Constellation’s servers would be extended for two more years. However, if Colossus’s representative were the winner, the shutdown would be effective immediately, as the game had already been extended far past its original end date.

Unfortunately, when Colossus’s representative won the duel, normal shutdown procedures could not be adhered to. AI-supervised shutdowns are planned months in advance. Because of the impromptu player-petitioned duel, Constellation missed its original shutdown date when Colossus’s AI cores were available to close down the servers. However, on the day of the duel, Colossus’s AI cores were scheduled for maintenance on another Colossus game. It would not have been fair to our other loyal players to shift our AI cores away from our other titles just for Constellation, which, at the time of its shut down, served less than 37,000 daily players. If Constellation had been shut down as originally scheduled, it is highly unlikely the player data loss would have occurred.

Our diagnostics team will continue to try and find a way to recover the lost data and monitor the situation. In the meantime, we encourage Constellation players to join our newest DRMMO title, Edenfel, which is the most played DRMMO in the world with an active player base of over 100 million players. Edenfel utilizes the latest DR drive advancements to feature a deeply immersive experience, including taste, smell, weight, and the latest in RealVision technology.

We are certain Constellation players will love our new game.

– Colossus Admin

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