CAPS – Chapter 15: Personal Diary

Master! Are you okay? I just got booted out of my account. I can’t get back in!

Hello? Are you okay?

Master! Are you there?

That Maxen guy cheated! I know it! You’d never lose to him in a fair fight!

Master he deleted our accounts! I can’t believe it! All our accounts are gone! I’m so angry right now.

I don’t have the contact info of anyone else in Caps.

I’m glad I have yours tho!

Master are you there? Don’t take it too hard yourself. They were never going to let you win at their own game.

Master can you just reply so I know you’re okay? Maxen that cheater!

I don’t even know what to play now that Constellation is gone. None of the new games seem very interesting.

Master how are you? Are you still sulking? That’s very unlike you, you know!?

Master I am eagerly awaiting your orders.

I’ve been trying to find our guildmates online! But the ones that replied are newer members that I’ve never met before. One guy tried to sell me special pills can you believe it? I’m starting to think he wasn’t really part of the guild.

Master today I started playing Shadowrun. It’s a survival game on a moon set in another solar system. It’s pretty fun. You have to work with other players.

I tried Edenfel. Feh! Terrible game. You have to spend lots of real money every month just to keep your avatar alive. Their DR experience is really good though, feels almost real.

Master I’m beginning to think you changed your phone number and never told me!

Master have you ever thought about how small we are in the universe? I was sitting on the moon in Shadowrun and watching the stars today.

From here on, the messages became more and more disjointed. Shen got at least one every day. Sometimes they were related to gaming. Sometimes they were not.

Shen began to scroll, skimming through the messages now.

Today I ate a watermelon ice cream. It was delicious!

Master! I’m drowning! Help! Help!

Master I can’t believe you didn’t help me.

Then again, I suppose I wouldn’t be able to text you if I was actually drowning.

Well played Master. You sure are a smart one.

But despite all the messages. He never received a call from Tif.

He scrolled to the end of the messages, trying to think of what to say after having ignored him for so long. It needed to be apologetic and sensitive to Tif’s feelings. He knew how much the young man had admired him.

Then he saw the latest, most recent message from Tif, sent earlier in the morning.

Master, today I took a gargantuan poo. It was amazing! I feel so much better now.

What are you telling me!!!? What am I, a personal diary??

This message ended up being Shen’s first reply to Tif.

* * *

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